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The Delta’s principal activities are to design, manufacture, and market an extensive array of candles, Incense, Potpourri, home fragrance products, decorative accessories, Garden Products and household convenience items. Delta markets in two segments. Mass market/everyday segment includes high volume low price fragranced and non-fragranced candles, gift sets, a broad range of related accessories, candle-related accessories, and seasonal home decor products with high value for the end customer targeted at major discount retail chains.

Premium Segment includes premium packaged home fragrance products under “The Fragrance People” brand, a wide range of household convenience items and other home fragrance products such as natural spa range, premium spa range, sea breeze fragrance, earth scents fragrance, with customized OEM design options targeted at Specialty Stores. The Group owns some of the largest factories manufacturing candles & incense in North India and imports many raw materials from China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Europe and the United States.

Candle Manufacturer In India

We’re one of the top-notch candle manufacturers in India offering you different types of candles including wax, scented, artificial and decorative wax candles. All our products possess exquisite designs and are good for self-use and gifting. A great range of products includes the birthday, stand, earthen, geometrical, pillars, glass containers and water-floaters candles are used for interior decoration, meditation and lighting for different occasions.

We understand that people love to adorn their homes with unique and exquisite candles which can create a soothing and beautiful ambience. Our company is appreciated for creating impressive candles and making them available nationwide.

In a short span of time, we’ve established ourselves as a reputed and trustworthy candle manufacturer in India. We export candles to different countries by the use of the state of the art techniques and strive to improve the quality of products.

Our endeavour is to keep the focus on the quality, variety and affordability. We try hard to provide you with an excellent range of beauty and cosmetic items on the market. Three creative candle variations, including floral candles, colourful candles, and buried treasure candles, are highly demanded by the people. Candles made by us are so beautiful to decor your home and present an attractive gift. These can be a relatively new addition to wedding celebrations. Nowadays, we’re recognized as the best candles manufacturer in India.

Our glass jar candles with colour, natural spa candles, round big colour glass candles are listed in the most popular item. We use high-quality raw materials to prepare the finest range of candles. Now we’re well-recognized as the best-selling candle brands by offering the highest degree of life candle scents. We sell our candles worldwide and aspire to write new chapters in the Delta Exports dream.

We’re continuously involved in the exporting, manufacturing, and supplying of fragrance products. By using our perfect quality of candles, you will enjoy a pleasant ceremony.

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